Monday, 22 June 2009

Transsexual Celebrity #18: Maria Sharapova

We all know how Maria loves to scream and squeal as she hits the ball, imagine what she'll sound like as she hits your ass instead!

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Transsexual Celebrity #17: Hayden Pannetiere

On Heroes, Hayden has incredible superpowers but in the real world she's just got the one superpowerful organ that she'd like to introduce you to.

Transsexual Celebrity #16: Megan Fox

Transformers star Megan knows a thing or do about transforming herself. After all, it's hard to imagine she was born a boy, there's only one thing left to show for it now!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Turning The Tables

"His eyes were totally wide now, concentrating intently on looking up at me, my huge round breasts, leather mini-dress, taunting scarlet grin, but most of all the incredible eight inch beast that pushed between his lips.It was a beautiful little expression in his eyes, like a rabbit caught in the headlights, alarmed and helpless, completely in my power, unable to resist as I face fucked him, forcing him to deep throat me even as he gagged and choked on my meat."
Turning The Tables is a story about a woman who gives a would-be attacker and potential rapist a taste of his own medicine. A woman walking home from a club in all her skimpy, provocative clothing is followed home by a creepy guy. In a dark alley, she decides that instead of being afraid, she will confront him and reveal her secret weapon, a dick that's bigger and more powerful than his. Soon, it's her that's forcing him to his knees to kiss and suck her big meat, and then it's her that has the total power between them.
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Transsexual Celebrity #15: Sarah Harding and Cheryl Cole

Girls Aloud hotties Sarah and Cheryl might have sung Sexy! No No No, but you'll be saying Yes Yes Yes to those beautiful feminine bodies and hard throbbing cocks!

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Transsexual Celebrity #14: Emma Watson

Emma is famous for waving her wand around in the Harry Potter films, but watch how her wand waves now as she rides this guy's thick broomstick!

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A Shemale Vacation: Chapter Three

"The guy behind me plunged his cock right up inside me, until he was rubbing against my arse and the tops of my thighs, his legs pressed against mine, our flesh rubbing together through the thin material of my stockings. Meanwhile, I took the other two dicks back in my hands and pulled them together and into me, so their tips, glistening with pre-cum, were touching each other. I wrapped my mouth around both heads and licked my tongue between the two of them, trying to hold both cocks in my moist wet mouth at once, all while the rod behind me completely impaled the lower half of my body."
A Shemale Vacation: Chapter Three is the continuing story of four guys on a European vacation and one of them on a journey of self discovery. Despite the pleasure he received from playing the whore Tamsyn in Amsterdam, Tom is looking to put the embarassing situation behind him as the group head to Paris. However, his new skills are needed once again when they learn that they have lost their passports and have to deal with an interrogation from a group of angry, aggressive and, quite possibly, horny border guards.
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Blushing Bride: Chapter Six - Wedding Presents

"While I knelt on the floor in front of Mark's cock, gasping and slurping as I swallowed it, I watched Gina move around from sticking her rubber cock in my face so that she was now behind me. She knelt behind me and pulled my body back and up so now I found myself on all fours, my arse in the air, my thin sheer babydoll hanging around my waist. I felt my wife's soft hands on my waist, she slid her fingers under the waistband of my purple thong and slid it down around my knees, giving me a bare, round arse that she began to run her hands over. She opened my arse with her hands and pressed the rubber head of her strap-on against my arse hole."
Blushing Bride: Chapter Six - Wedding Presents is the latest chapter in the ongoing story of Rich, newlywed and newly turned on to wearing sexy women's clothes. With Gina not only happy but very turned on by Rich's feminine persona "Rachel", it looks like many years of happy marriage are ahead of them, thanks largely to the intervention of best friends Mark and Natalie. And that's not all, those same friends now have come bringing wedding gifts, lingerie for him, a strap-on for her, and Rachel and Gina now have to find the best way to thank their friends for their gifts, all of them.
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The Babysitter

"Obligingly, I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock inside the wetness. Opening his foreskin with my tongue, I tongued his slit, all the while jerking his shaft with my hand. All this time, my own cock was getting harder and harder until it was almost as rock hard as his and tugging on the elastic of his wife's panties that I still wore beneath her sexy short skirt. I opened my mouth further and swallowed more of his hardness. Now, I began to bob back and forth on the length of it, really starting to get into it now, really enjoying my first cocksucking experience."
The Babysitter is the story of what happens when teenage guys take on jobs usually thought of for teenage girls. Nineteen year old Chris is a little embarassed at what his friends think is a girly job, babysitting for the young kids of his parents' friends, however it is easy money to sit around in somebody's house doing nothing but going through their things. In particular, Chris likes to go through the lingerie drawers and dress up as a hot teen girl. Only, when his employer comes home and discovers "Cassie" dressed in his wife's clothes, things take a hot new turn.
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Transsexual Celebrity #13: Eva Mendes

Eva might be famous for the movie Ghost Rider, but you'll know her better as Ass Rider before she's done with you!

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A Shemale Vacation: Chapter Two

"I let out my breath in a long slow sigh as Frank slid further and further inside me. He was pushing in slowly, allowing me to adjust myself to the new and incredible feeling of being impaled on that thick rod. Soon enough, I was completely filled up, my tiny, tight little arse was stretched out completely by the thick stick that was taking my cherry. All I could do was lie there, legs spread and in the air, looking up at my reflection, watching my girlish arse being penetrated."
A Shemale Vacation: Chapter Two is the second part of the story of the four young guys and their unexpected sex filled European vacation. After having his first sexual experience going down on the big black cock of Dutch shemale hooker Saskia, Tom is distraught to discover the group do not have the money to pay for the experience. Saskia comes to the rescue by suggesting that Tom works to earn the money back, putting his newfound cocksucking skills to good use as transvestite whore Tamsyn. For the shy virgin, this opens up a whole new world of unusual pleasures.
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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Shemale Comic #3

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Blushing Bride: Chapter Five - The Wedding Night

"She was really riding my dick, practically bouncing up and down on it as I pushed my panty clad arse upwards, thrusting up inside her wetness, trying to meet her as she bounced up and down on me. Our stockings continued to rub against each other, making my legs feel so soft, sensual and feminine. Above me, I could see her body shaking, her breasts were pushed out before her, bouncing around. I ran my hands over my own chest, revelling in the thought of myself as a beautiful girl, a new bride, just like her, as I felt the material of my corset and the warmth of my flesh where the tight corset had pushed it up and out like small breasts."
Blushing Bride: Chapter Five - The Wedding Night is the fifth chapter in the Blushing Bride series and we've finally reached the big day and, later and more importantly, the big night. Despite both having reservations related to their pre-wedding orgies and newly released fantasies, Rich and Gina are married. However, disaster strikes on their wedding night when neither is able to find the sex on offer especially arousing. Fortunately for both, their friends Mark and Natalie advise them to come clean with each other prompting a second wedding night far more memorable than the first.
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Cuckolded By My Son

"It was a sight like nothing I could ever have imagined, my wife in a sexy blue babydoll, on her knees giving my son an incredible blow job and all deliberately in front of me, tied to a chair. I wanted to look away, to close my eyes, but I couldn't, in spite of my feelings of disgust, I was absolutely engrossed, my wife's beautiful, lingerie clad, feminine curves and my son's hard, masculine body and long, thick cock held my attention like nothing else before."
Cuckolded By My Son is the story of the very kinky and twisted transformation that occurs to a man when he discovers his son has been screwing his wife. Steve knows that the passion has gone out of his marriage to Laura and they no longer have much of a sex life together. That's why he is surprised when she dresses up in sexy lingerie and wants to play kinky games by tying him to a chair. He is only too ready to oblige, but becomes shocked by the entrance of his hunky son Adam who proceeds to fuck his mother right before Steve's eyes. The worst part of it is, Steve enjoys watching his son fuck his wife. And that's before the incestuous lovers have him licking cum off their bodies, dressing like a girl and inviting the whole family around in a story that is truly for the dirty minded.
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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Shemale Comic #2

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Transsexual Celebrity: Girls Aloud Special

Sarah, Kimberley, Nadine, Nicola and Cheryl, all of Girls Aloud are girls to make any man get down on their knees. All five are hot and horny love machines as ready to hit your arse as to get a hit record.

Just look at how they screw the competition!