Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Black Girls Have Big Dicks

"it seemed so right for a woman who seemed to always take control that she had the biggest balls anywhere and a big thick cock the envy of any man. It was like nothing I had ever imagined before but I couldn't take my eyes off it. I ran my gaze all over it, it seemed so dominant, so powerful, as if demanding someone to touch it, hold it, lick it. Her dark hand with its painted nails wrapped itself around it and began to stroke along the long, thick shaft, waving its expanding girth even closer to my face."

Black Girls Have Big Dicks is a story that shows that inside every straight white guy is a yearning to be dominated by a big black goddess. One night out in a club, he spots a woman who exerts an incredible pull over him. Her name is Crystal, a statuesque black beauty with long legs and enormous breasts. She invites him back to her place and pretty soon reveals that she's not just well endowed when it comes to her chest. Fascinated by her thick black meat, it isn't long before he is begging for her to use him as she will.

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