Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Blushing Bride: Chapter One

"I licked my lips and imagined what those long legs would look like if I were a hot girl and they were wrapped around my boyfriend's arse. Slowly, I rolled the first stocking up my right leg, savouring every second of the soft, sensuous feel of silk on flesh; I thought I was going to blow my load in my panties right there and then."

Blushing Bride : Chapter One is the first part of the story that delves into what it is like in a wedding where the groom really wants to be the bride. Nearlywed Rich confides in best man and best friend Mark about his crossdressing fantasies with just weeks to go before his marriage to beautiful Gina. On his stag night, Rich is shocked and a little excited to discover his best man has prepared for him to have the chance to live out those fantasies and become the Blushing Bride he'd always dreamed of.

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