Monday, 8 June 2009

Blushing Bride: Chapter Six - Wedding Presents

"While I knelt on the floor in front of Mark's cock, gasping and slurping as I swallowed it, I watched Gina move around from sticking her rubber cock in my face so that she was now behind me. She knelt behind me and pulled my body back and up so now I found myself on all fours, my arse in the air, my thin sheer babydoll hanging around my waist. I felt my wife's soft hands on my waist, she slid her fingers under the waistband of my purple thong and slid it down around my knees, giving me a bare, round arse that she began to run her hands over. She opened my arse with her hands and pressed the rubber head of her strap-on against my arse hole."
Blushing Bride: Chapter Six - Wedding Presents is the latest chapter in the ongoing story of Rich, newlywed and newly turned on to wearing sexy women's clothes. With Gina not only happy but very turned on by Rich's feminine persona "Rachel", it looks like many years of happy marriage are ahead of them, thanks largely to the intervention of best friends Mark and Natalie. And that's not all, those same friends now have come bringing wedding gifts, lingerie for him, a strap-on for her, and Rachel and Gina now have to find the best way to thank their friends for their gifts, all of them.
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