Saturday, 6 June 2009

Blushing Bride: Chapter Three

"Ben pulled down my panties, originally white but now see-through, I had got them so wet, and discarded them. He stood between my stockinged legs and pulled them wide open, positioning himself by my arse. I wrapped my legs around him, not wanting to let this one get away and loving the feel of our flesh rubbing together with the soft silk of the stockings in between. As Ben pushed his cock up into my arse, David's cum already in there acting as a sort of lubricant, I wrapped my mouth around Joe's cock and began to suck it."
Blushing Bride: Chapter Three is the third part of the story of the groom turned bride and his stag night orgy. Rich has become his bride-to-be Gina, dressing in her bridal lingerie and wedding dress, and has begun to live out his fantasy of going down on multiple cocks as all his drunk and horny friends stick them in his face. Now, things are about to get even hotter as he gets to not just suck like a slut but get fucked like one too!
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