Saturday, 6 June 2009

Blushing Bride: Chapter Two

"I hesitated, this was the first cock other than my own that I had touched or even seen this close up. It felt warm and hard in my hand. Just the feel of the throbbing, excitable warmth of the cock in my hand was thrilling and I knew that I wanted to take it in my mouth like a pretty little cock-sucking slut. I licked my lips once more and extended my tongue further to flick across the trembling head of Zach's cock."
Blushing Bride: Chapter Two is the second part of the story of the groom who wants to be a bride. It's Rich's stag night and he has dressed himself up in future wife Gina's bridal lingerie and wedding dress. He looks and feels pretty great, pretty sexy, but what will the other guys think when he comes into the room dressed as the bride? What will they want to do with "Gina" now they have the chance?
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