Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cuckolded By My Son

"It was a sight like nothing I could ever have imagined, my wife in a sexy blue babydoll, on her knees giving my son an incredible blow job and all deliberately in front of me, tied to a chair. I wanted to look away, to close my eyes, but I couldn't, in spite of my feelings of disgust, I was absolutely engrossed, my wife's beautiful, lingerie clad, feminine curves and my son's hard, masculine body and long, thick cock held my attention like nothing else before."
Cuckolded By My Son is the story of the very kinky and twisted transformation that occurs to a man when he discovers his son has been screwing his wife. Steve knows that the passion has gone out of his marriage to Laura and they no longer have much of a sex life together. That's why he is surprised when she dresses up in sexy lingerie and wants to play kinky games by tying him to a chair. He is only too ready to oblige, but becomes shocked by the entrance of his hunky son Adam who proceeds to fuck his mother right before Steve's eyes. The worst part of it is, Steve enjoys watching his son fuck his wife. And that's before the incestuous lovers have him licking cum off their bodies, dressing like a girl and inviting the whole family around in a story that is truly for the dirty minded.
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