Friday, 5 June 2009

Job Interview

"I leaned my face in closer to where her sheer stockings ended and the bare skin of her thigh began, kissing along her soft, feminine thighs, I soon found my lips alongside her cock. Still jerking her off, I pulled her dick up and moved my lips to her shaved balls, beginning to suck on them. As I masturbated her, I moved my lips all over her balls and began to lick up the base of her hard cock shaft."
Job Interview is the story of a secretarial candidate who is extra qualified to satisfy her boss. He had a secretarial position available and Tracy Class seems like the most capable candidate. She is also stunning in a way that means he can barely take his eyes off her, and that's before she shows her extra skills. Lifting her skirt to reveal her hard dick beneath pushes her chances of getting the job over the edge and, along with it, makes her the boss of the situation.
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