Saturday, 6 June 2009

In My Dad's Panties

"Leah's elegant long fingers were wrapped around a long, thick eight inch cock, slowly stroking it and making it harder. It wasn't mine either, mine wasn't even close to being that long. It was her own! My dad's hot mistress was a gorgeous shemale with a thick cock bigger than mine! Once again, I found myself staring open mouthed at her hot man meat, shaved completely hairless and cut with the purple head exposed and glistening with pre-cum while the thick shaft was becoming hard and veiny."
In My Dad's Panties is the story of a guy whose worries about his dad having an affair are lifted when he sees quite the kind of woman who could turn his father. Alex is concerned about his parents breaking up and so follows his father to a hotel well the latter is about to have an illicit meeting with a woman. When his dad leaves Alex confronts Leah, the gorgeous object of his dad's affections, only to find the hottie seducing him as well. His attempts to extricate himself from the situation only get worse when he discovers quite the kind of man his dad really is and quite the kind of woman he goes for.
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