Saturday, 6 June 2009

My Brother's Lover

"At the sight of my cock sticking out from under my skirt and panties, his eyes began to widen and stare with ill disguised lust. I could tell that I was just the kind of girl for him, feminine in body and dress but with a nice hard cock at the same time. I wrapped my fingers around my brother's cock, it was so thick they barely went all around it, and began to masturbate him while the other hand did the same with my own member."
My Brother's Lover is a story about those things that brothers share. Steve is not really close to his older brother Darren, that is until he finds Darren's porn stash on his computer. Suddenly, Steve is thrown into a world of hot women with equally hot, throbbing cocks. Something in Steve snaps and he realises that, in fact, fulfilling his brother's fantasy would also be his and, before he knows it, he's dolled up in a skirt and panties and waiting for his brother to come home.
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