Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Senator's Daughter

"'Oh yes, I'm cumming!!!' I screamed. My dad swallowed the first shot which hit the back of his throat, but I wanted to see his naked body soaked in my cum. I withdrew my cock and jerked it off as I shot my load over his face. Trish and Cindy stood beside me, jerking their own cocks off over him until by the end of it he was totally covered in our sticky juices and totally humiliated. If only they knew he was a senator then he would feel even worse about it, if only they knew he was my father he would probably die of shame."
The Senator's Daughter is the story of a repressed conservative senator and his rather more liberated son and what happens when their private worlds collide. Dean Feldman is the nineteen year old son of Senator Mark Feldman and leads a life of wealth and privelege. Only, that is not the only life he leads, because every Friday he is Delilah, crossdressing dominatrix performer at a local gay bar. One night, however, things change when the sexy and hung hottie sees his conservative father among the crowd watching. He just has to get the senator up on stage and after that, well, anything goes.

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