Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sex Ed

"I practically forced his mouth open and Cindy pushed her cock between his lips. For a second he just stared, eyes wide open, not really comprehending the cock in his mouth. But then, rather than let it go and back off, he actually started to suck her off, bobbing his head back and forward, swirling his tongue around the shaft just as Cindy had done for him. I laughed as he was getting really into it, slobbering all over her rock hard meat as Cindy moaned in a feminine way at odds with her firm, manly cock and my husband used his hands to play with her hairless balls."

Sex Ed is the story of a wife who will do anything to get her husband to do what she wants in the bedroom. She tries everything in order to get her husband to agree to a threesome with another man, but he won't budge. And that's when she runs into her son's teacher in a bar. Only, this shy, unassuming male teacher is now dressed to impress a sexy girl, Cindy. Naturally the wife takes full advantage of the situation in introducing sexy Cindy to her husband and, before too long, she might be getting her wish of seeing her hubby suck on another hard cock.

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