Saturday, 6 June 2009

Who's The Sissy Now?

"I was stimulated in ways that I hadn't been in a long time. The tight clench of his arse on my cock, the feeling of totally dominating this arrogant stud who had made my teenage years a misery but now was bent over with my cock stuck up his arse. He was almost in tears now, not really sure how the situation had got to be this way so fast. One minute he was picking up a hot girl in a bar, the next she had a cock bigger than his and was forcing him to take it up his virgin arse, understandably it was all a bit much for him."
Who's The Sissy Now? is the story of what happens when there's a chance at revenge on somebody who made their school years hell. Candy hasn't always been the sassy, confident, dominant woman she is today, she was once shy, insecure Andy whose teen years were dominated by bullying from Greg who picked on him for his effeminate, "sissy" ways. Running into Greg in a club years later, a transformed Candy decides to get her revenge for all those years and show to Greg once for all which one of them is the real sissy.
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