Sunday, 1 November 2009

Party Slut

"The first sight that greeted my waking eyes was Alex's naked crotch, very close to my face. I could see his strong, toned body standing over me, his face looking down on me and leering, but most of all, my attention was on the huge, thick meat sticking out from him. That same fleshy meat he was poking at my mouth, the one that I was licking, sucking and generally savouring. Yes, that's right, I was sucking my friend's cock! That was me right there, a cocksucker and enjoying it!"
Party Slut is the story of what happens to one unlucky (or perhaps very lucky) guy when he falls asleep at a party and gives his friends the chance to take advantage of him. After a row with his girlfriend, he drinks far too much trying to prove his masculinity and instead achieves quite the opposite by passing out while the party is still going on. He knows that his friends will do something to embarrass him as a result of this, but, in his messed up drunk mind, he is completely unprepared for what awaits him on waking. As he lies there not fully awake but becoming aware of his surroundings, he realises he is wearing something soft and sensual and his friends are gathered round squirting something in his face. And then he opens his mouth and a hard, fleshy rod enters it...