Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Transsexual Celebrity #45: Rachel Weisz

Rachel is the star of The Mummy, a film where she raised a monster from the dead. The only monster she's raising now, however, is the one that's about to go up your ass!

Transsexual Celebrity #44: Anne Hathaway

Anne starred in Brokeback Mountain and looking at her now you can see why she'd appeal to both straight and gay guys, the body of a beautiful woman, but the kind of manly qualities that would make any cowboy bend down and take it.

Transsexual Celebrity #43: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

It's the collaboration everybody wanted to see for years, big dicked Christina is a Beautiful, Dirrty girl and Britney certainly knows how to rub her the right way!

Transsexual Celebrity #42: Rachel McAdams

In the film The Hot Chick, Rachel swapped bodies with a man. It's obviously had its influence on her, as this hot chick has some pretty serious man parts, and she knows just how to use them!

Transsexual Celebrity #41: Rachel Stevens

Rachel sang on the album Come And Get It, and that's an offer that will be hard for most guys to refuse. Almost as hard as the big dick she's packing between her legs!

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Monday, 25 January 2010

Transsexual Celebrity: Britney Spears Special

Yes, Britney certainly does have the equipment to drive any man Crazy and make them into a Slave 4 her!

Transsexual Celebrity: Britney Spears Special

Britney wasn't lying when she said she was Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, she's something much better! Something with all the best features of a woman, but one thing a little different!

Transsexual Celebrity #40: Rachel Bilson

Rachel starred in The O.C. When you see what she's got sticking out from her crotch, you'll realise that it doesn't stand for Orange County at all; it's telling you what you'll be for Rachel, an oral cocklover!

Transsexual Celebrity #39: Jessica Biel

Jessica might have starred in Blade, but the only weapon she's wielding now is the one between her legs and she's about to use it to attack your ass!

Transsexual Celebrity #38: Emma Watson

After years of going to magic school, Emma was bound to pick up a few new things to do with a wand, now all the Gryffindor boys want to ride her broomstick!

Transsexual Celebrity #37: Kristen Stewart

Twilight star Kristen just love men who suck! In the movie world it's blood sucking vampires, but in reality she'd prefer cocksucking guys to service her own monster!

Transsexual Celebrity #36: Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten has dated Spider-Man, so she knows what it's like to suddenly have a part of your body shoot sticky white fluid. Kirsten's super weapon, however, is far more fun than Spidey's webs!

Transsexual Celebrity #35: Shakira

Shakira claims that her Hips Don't Lie, but if her hot body is trying to tell you that she's all woman, then it is obviously a pretty big lie. Almost as big as the manmeat she has underneath her clothes!

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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Transsexual Celebrity #34: Anne Hathaway

Anne is the star of Alice In Wonderland, and it seems likely that any man us likely to be in wonderland too at the sight of her mushroom head, especially when she sticks it down their rabbit hole!

Transsexual Celebrity #33: Selma Blair

In Hellboy, Selma is in love with a big red demon, but in reality it's Selma herself who's the horny demon in the bedroom and she knows just where her big red beast is going!

Transsexual Celebrity #32: Women Of Charmed

Holly, Alyssa and Rose - Piper, Phoebe and Paige - obviously spend far too much time messing with the supernatural to remain ordinary women. Still, any man is sure to be Charmed once these three subject him to the power of three!

Transsexual Celebrity #31: Amy Adams

Amy is a real life Disney princess, so treat her right and there's no doubt her big cock will leave you Enchanted!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Transsexual Celebrity #30: Britney Spears

The world's most desired woman could only be more desirable if she whipped out her cock to drive you Crazy. Surely then you'd be down on your knees begging her to Hit you, Baby One More Time!

Transsexual Celebrity #29: Kaley Cuoco

Kaley is the star of The Big Bang Theory and with meat that big between her legs, banging is certainly on her mind. There's just one simple rule for guys that want to date her, submit to her huge dick!

Transsexual Celebrity #28: Jessica Alba

Jessica is famous as the pole dancing star of Sin City and you'll soon see why as she tempts you into a whole world of sin with her skills with another pole!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

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Transsexual Celebrity #27: Jessica Biel

Jessica may now be a movie star famed for her Easy Virtue, but she's always had the extra special equipment to take any man to 7th Heaven!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Transsexual Celebrity #26: Kristen Bell

Kristen is famous as high school private investigator Veronica Mars, but the real privates that are worth investigating are the ones between her legs!

Transsexual Celebrity: Keira Knightley Special

Just look at how Keira gets on with her castmates to see what extra talent she has compared to the rest of Hollywood!

When they appeared in Star Wars together, people found Keira and her co-star Natalie Portman difficult to tell apart. I guess now you can see why they're so similar. Both have a big lightsabre that's the envy of any man!