Saturday, 6 June 2009

Blushing Bride: Chapter Four - The Hen Party

"Gina opened her lips and began to kiss and suck on Natalie's big rubber dick as Jane continued to fuck her virgin pussy with the shiny vibrator and Mariana kissed and fondled her pert breasts. It felt so incredible for Gina, being the centre of attention for all these hot women, all three of them devoted to turning her on so much. She felt her swollen, hot, wet pussy couldn't take much more."
Blushing Bride: Chapter Four - The Hen Party is the fourth part of the Blushing Bride series and switches attention from the wannabe bride to the real thing. It's Gina's hen party and, while Rich, her future husband, dresses in her wedding dress and gets fucked by his friends, virgin Gina wishes to save herself for marriage. However, she worries a little about her ability to succeed sexually with no practice at all. That's where her girlfriends, including one who is a little less girl than the others, come in and make the night one to remember.
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