Saturday, 6 June 2009

Holiday Romance

"With one hand I reached up and began to stroke Milena's dick while the other reached over for Zelenka's so I was masturbating the two hottie shemale sisters together. Their cocks felt warm and alive in my hand, it was a thrill to feel them respond to my touch, to grow firm and harder, knowing it was me that was turning on these beautiful girls. Close up, I could see the veins standing out on their hairless cocks, the contrast between this thick, hardness and the soft, feminine flesh and curve of their long legs was incredibly arousing. I could see a little pre-cum glistening on the end of Milena's cock and couldn't resist going in for a taste. I kissed the head of her dick and flicked my tongue inside the tip of her foreskin making her moan."
Holiday Romance is a story about going abroad to forget your romantic troubles and finding something much better anyway. After a messy break-up, a lonely guy decides to take the holiday they had planned as a couple and spend a week in Prague on his own. While there, his mood is considerably lifted with the help of Czech beauty Milena, who invites him back to the place she shares with sister Zelenka and room-mate Svetlana. When he discovers that all three Eastern European beauties are packing meat bigger than his, then the evening really takes a turn for the better.
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