Monday, 8 June 2009

Turning The Tables

"His eyes were totally wide now, concentrating intently on looking up at me, my huge round breasts, leather mini-dress, taunting scarlet grin, but most of all the incredible eight inch beast that pushed between his lips.It was a beautiful little expression in his eyes, like a rabbit caught in the headlights, alarmed and helpless, completely in my power, unable to resist as I face fucked him, forcing him to deep throat me even as he gagged and choked on my meat."
Turning The Tables is a story about a woman who gives a would-be attacker and potential rapist a taste of his own medicine. A woman walking home from a club in all her skimpy, provocative clothing is followed home by a creepy guy. In a dark alley, she decides that instead of being afraid, she will confront him and reveal her secret weapon, a dick that's bigger and more powerful than his. Soon, it's her that's forcing him to his knees to kiss and suck her big meat, and then it's her that has the total power between them.
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